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The core of my teaching is based on the foundations of classical music. Beginning with developing keen ear, I work with students on a beautiful tone and solid technique.  As students improve, we work on the 'tools of musicality' and expressing ourselves.  Student achievements from 2017/2018: Private lesson students  won 50% of State ensemble spots available to them while only constituting approximately 3% of those who auditioned; 10 students made Area; 4 students made Region Orchestra; many more made Region Band; 1 student went on to study music at the college level at FSU, and many more had a lot of fun learning and playing!

Flute Choir

This is an ensemble created for advanced high school flutists looking for camaraderie while improving their skills as a flutist and ensemble player. Repertory is chosen from standard and original flute choir music as well as transcriptions from all periods and styles of music.

Region Etudes Master Class

This weekly master classes is a supplement to private lessons.  Students  will explore common themes and patterns within the music, practice performing for each other, and gain confidence to reach their goals. 

Westlake High School Flute Choir Directed by Alison Baker